Signalling For Rescue DVD 4473

Signalling For Rescue DVD 4473 | Survival Supplies Australia

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This DVD tells you what to do if ever stranded in a remote location, when technology fails and your life is in grave danger. Learn how to help rescuers find you
to save your life.
We hope that it never happens to you but what if it does? Learning what is on this DVD will give you the best chance of survival. Everyday we hear about people who are stranded alone or with loved ones in a remote location. It could have been a natural disaster, an unexpected storm or your car breaking down. Once modern technology fails getting rescued will be based on your skill set and knowledge of the techniques learned in this DVD. Dave Canterbury reviews the rescuers point of view and rescue strategy, how searchers attack a rescue mission, your survival kit resources, making a trail, ground signal devices, signal fires, whistles, signal mirrors and more. Essential viewing!


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