The Ultimate Situational Survival Guide 3129

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This book covers self-reliance strategies for living in a dangerous world. Be ready for whatever life throws at you. Your most important asset is your mindset concerning survival. In order for your instincts and reflexes to kick in and keep you alive when unexpected and dangerous situations occur, you must already be mentally prepared to face a potentially life threatening challenge.
This book will teach you how to do just that. The Ultimate Situational Survival Guide covers: creating home safety plans, dealing with natural disasters, planning for transportation issues, identifying urban threats and dealing with them, financial preparedness, being prepared for terrorist attacks, and other man made disasters, and coping with disease in many of these scenarios. Inside you will find: fresh, real-life approaches to survival in the 21st century - not revised material taken from government websites. It teaches a practical approach to everyday life including home security, vehicle preparedness and financial security, techniques and skills needed to survive criminal and violent attacks along with hostage and active shooter situations. What are you willing to do to guarantee your survival? Has illustrations and is 208 pages of useful information and tips that can save your life.


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