Sleeved Kevlar 250 LB. - 250 Ft. Spool 2847

Sleeved Kevlar 250 LB. - 250 Ft. Spool 2847 | Survival Supplies Australia

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Product Description

Sleeved Kevlar 250 lb. tensile strength 250FT. Spool length. has a Kevlar base with a blue and white polyester sleeve. For many recreational applications, boot laces, survival cord, emergency bicycle spoke repair. and much more. The core material is Kevlar with a Polyester sleeving. Denier 22,132.29 and Yield per pound is (605 ft.) - (184.4m)
Tensile strength is 258
Elongation <3.00%
Diameter (0.075 in) - (1.91 mm)
Production Colour: Blue / White


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