SOS Distress Signal Flag 1717

SOS Distress Signal Flag 1717 | Survival Supplies Australia

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The S.O.S. Distress Signal Flag is a prime way of attracting the attention of rescue vessels or planes.
In times of trouble, you would want an item like this to assist in your rescue. Small, compact and bright, it can save your life when out on the water.


* 3 ft. x 3 ft. (.91m x .91m)
* Made of heavy-duty plastic 2-ply construction
* International orange with universal S.O.S. markings
* Reinforced grommets
* Attaches to ships mast for maximum visibility
* Includes 4 nylon ties
* Can also be attached to fishing poles, paddles, antennas or any other high point to attract the attention of rescue vessels



3' x 3' (.91 x .91M)


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