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Made by Rich Hungerford who is a former Australian SAS Soldier, Team Leader and Instructor. His knowledge and Skills are unsurpassed in this 2 Disc DVD Set teaching everything you need to know regarding Tomahawks. Rich now teaches Survival, Tracking, and Bushcraft Skills at his Bush Lore Australia Survival School in Maleny, Queensland. This modern day warrior seeks to pass on his extensive experience to people with the aim of fostering within them a true sense of self reliance and empowering them through the platforms of emotional intelligence, common sense and awareness of their personal strengths and limitations.
In this 2 DVD Set it covers:
Disc One:
* Introduction to Tomahawk Fighting
* History of the Tomahawk
* Anatomy of the tomahawk
* Types and Design Characteristics of Tomahawks
* Tomahawk Safety for training
* Tomahawk Training Warm Up Routine
* Maintenance of your Tomahawk
* Fundamental Principals of Tomahawk Combat
* Psychology of Tomahawk Combat
* Vital Targets of Tomahawk Fighting
* The Dynamic Stress of Combat
* Understanding Combative Situational Awareness
* Discussion on the use of Justifiable Force
* Trailer * Bloopers
Disc Two Contains:
Basic Tomahawk Grips
* Stance and Balance for Tomahawk Combat
* Tomahawk Body Core Development Training
* Basic Tomahawk Strikes
* Constructing your own Training Aids
* Tomahawk Engagement Ranges
* Reaction Training Principals
* Training Reality
* Single Opponent
* Single Lethally Armed Opponents
* Tomahawk Weapon Retention Techniques
* Weapon Meld Concepts
* Bonus Material - Knife and Tomahawk Concepts
* Course Close Out

The Curriculum covers : Introduction to Special Forces Tomahawk Fighting, Fundamental Principals of Tomahawk Combat, Basic Skills Training for the tomahawk, Advanced Skills for the Tomahawk. It Features: 29 Lectures, 12 Supplemental Resource (PC Needed). The tomahawk is a battlefield weapon that does not require complicated multi stage movements to be deadly and effective in battle.
214 Minutes Total Running Time, 2 x DVD's (PAL Format)


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