Standard Sunflair Solar Oven Set 2944

Standard Sunflair Solar Oven Set 2944 | Survival Supplies Australia

Standard Sunflair Solar Oven Set 2944 | Survival Supplies Australia

Standard Sunflair Solar Oven Set 2944 | Survival Supplies Australia

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Product Description

The Standard Sunflair Oven Set is ideal to use and cooks like a regular oven but does not require gas, electricity, propane, coal or wood. It is safe and easy to use, can be used to cook during a power outage, and can be used in a fire banned area. (Deluxe set pictured)

It save you money and time as you don't have to pay for fuel, sun power is free and you can do other things while your food cooks. It is also lightweight and portable and you don't have to lug heavy and dangerous fuel around with you.

You also save as it does not heat up your home, requiring additional energy to cool it back down.
The outside of the unit remains at ambient temperature making it safe to use. There is also no thermal conductivity, no sparks, open flames, gas lines or propane bottles. Safe to use around children.

It is healthier to use: no charcoal carcinogens.
The food nutrients are cooked into the food instead of being boiled or steamed away!

It only weighs about 2 kilos and folds down to the size of a cushion seat. You can easily take it camping, hunting, fishing, boating, great for picnics or any outdoor activity!

It can go places where normal BBQ's can not go, such as places where open flames are banned. Like National Parks and Forests, ideal for beaches, great in high fire danger or drought areas.

It is ECO Friendly and uses no fossil fuels, no deforestation, pollutant free renewable energy, no non-recyclable gas canisters.

Saves you time: Slow cookers are time savers as there is no need to attend to the food, you can simply leave it to cook and go do your own thing, only to return to a beautifully cooked meal.

Easy to use and you will never burn your food.

Great for Emergency Preparedness:
Cook during a power outage, pasteurise water, essential part of any bug-out bag. Use it to sterilise bandages and other equipment.

Other uses: Can be used with Craft Making such as melting wax for Candle Making.

All components in the complete Sunflair Oven Kit have been specially designed to ensure the Sunflair Oven works to it's full potential.

Everything you need comes in one light and portable bag, boil and Pasteurise water, bake bread, cookies, cakes, desserts, cook stews, chicken dishes, beef, eggs, emergency food, anything a conventional oven can do, The food actually tastes better as the nutrients are locked into the food itself.

This fun, fantastic, new, specially insulated oven reaches temperatures of up to 120 degrees Celsius or more. Don't be fooled by it's simple appearance, you will be amazes how well it works!

Comparable to kitchen slow cookers that range between 80 - 150 degree Celsius, and a Stovetop reaches 100 degrees Celsius (boiling) with simmering at 93 degrees Celsius (water pasteurises at just 65 Degrees Celsius) Slowe Cooker, Dutch Oven recipes adapt perfectly well with these Solar Ovens. A UV Index of 4+ is best for Solar Cooking making it perfect for Australian conditions!

The oven folds to: 2 inches x 15.5 inches x 19 inches

Kit Contents Include

* 1 x Solar Oven
* 1 x Carry Bag
* 1 x Food Safety Coded Thermometer
* 1 x Heat Conducting Baking Tray
* 1 x Cooking Rack
* 1 x Water Pasteurisation Indicator
* 2 x Collapsible Silicone Pots
* 1 x User Guide
* Comes with 1 Year Limited Manufacturers Warranty


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