SURE Strips Military Tinder 4456

SURE Strips Military Tinder 4456 | Survival Supplies Australia

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Product Description

SURE Strips are currently in use by U.S. Special Forces and NATO Military Units worldwide. They have been deemed mandatory survival items for inclusion with survival vest applications by the U.S. Military.
You can start 30 fires with the cotton provided if you divide each cotton ball into 15 equal parts. Lay one piece of cotton on the edge of the SURE Strip, use a sparking device to light the cotton. The sparks you create will ignite the cotton and the cotton will ignite the SERE Strip.
Each Pack includes 6 x SURE Strips, Survival Instructions and 2 special cotton balls.

Product Benefits

* Waterproof/Wind Resistant
* 3-4 minute burn time per strip
* No odours, Oils, dies or mess
* Non-Toxic
* Indefinite Shelf Life
* Starts 30 fires when divided
* Lubricates weapon parts, zippers
* Boils water when strips are rolled


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