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Product Description

The Survival Neck Wallet is an easy to access compact survival kit that goes with you wherever you go. Lightweight, you won't even notice it is hanging in front of you yet it is just at your finger tip when you need it.
The Survival Neck Wallet has a see through ID window, two inner pouches, one zippered money/credit card pouch and a rear pouch with a 3M highly reflective backing. Packaged with each wallet comes a great collection of useful tools.

Kit Contents

* 1 x Tops own survival whistle
* 1 x Tops pocket size survival saw
* 1 x Compass
* 1 x The tops Firestarter with Ferrocium Rod and Magnesium
* 1 x Traditional P 38 Military Can Opener / Firestarter
* 1 x Offset Phillips/Flat head Screwdriver
* 1 x Tops Dog Tag Signal Mirror
* x 1 LED Flashlight
* 1 x Lansky Quick Fix Sharpener
* 1 x 1 Monofilament HD Line 24 ft. and fish hooks
* 1 x Snap Link 3/16 inch x 2 inch
* 1 x Ranger Rubber Band
* 1 x Razor Blade
* 1 x Heavy Duty Sail Needle
* 1 x Fresnel Lens 3 x Magnifier, Fire Starter
* 1 x Snare Wire and Instructions


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