Survival Sewing and Repair Kit 3000

Survival Sewing and Repair Kit 3000 | Survival Supplies Australia

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Product Description

The Adventurer Series Survival Sewing and Repair Kit not only contains the basic survival sewing items, it is innovative in the fact that it also includes items for basic repairs. It is the first of its kind to include items like high grade Kevlar Thread with a tensile strength of up to 50 pounds. It also includes MilSpec and Military Approved items made in the USA like 1A Utility Cord, a Military Approved Razor Knife, A Military Approved container and made in the USA Duct Tape. It also includes brass wire which is as useful as Duct Tape.

Sewing Kit Contents

2 x Number 7 Needles
2 x Number 18 Damer Needles
1 x Number 16 Damer Needle
4 x Heavy Duty Straight Pins
6 x Assorted Buttons
6 x Assorted Safety Pins
1 x Thread Number 69 Heavy Duty
1 x Needle Threader
1 x Metal Thimble
1 x Frensel Lens Magnifer

Repair Kit Contents

Length Bonded Kevlar Thread, 50 lb. test
Length Brass Repair Wire
Type 1A MILSPEC Utility Cord
Duct Tape (made in USA)
1 x 3 inch x 4 inch Durable Waterproof Patch
2 x Commercial Grade Cable Ties
1 x Military Approved Derma Safe Knife


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