Suture and Staple Class Super DVD 3023

Suture and Staple Class Super DVD 3023 | Survival Supplies Australia

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This double lesson DVD enables you to see exactly how to suture skin and staple skin by as performed by a Surgeon with 25 years experience.
Also included is a narrated 50 slide power point presentation reviewing topics like complete wound care, diagnosing infections, suture material primer, when to close wounds and more importantly, when to leave them open. Also included is how to apply a wet-to-dry dressing, which antiseptics are best used for wound cleaning, how to perform a sterile drape, how to inject Lidocaine or other anesthetics (including hoe to withdraw the medication and proper sterile technique)., cleaning the wound before closure and a review of ALL methods of non-invasive wound closure (including Steri Strips, Butterfly Closures and Dermabond or Super Glue).

This is a one stop educational video for situations in which modern medical help is NOT available.

This product is not for use in diagnosing or treatment of medical issues. Modern medical help should be sought if and when it is available. The practice of medicine without a license is prohibited by law.


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