SWAT-T Tactical Black Tourniquet 3027

SWAT-T Tactical Black Tourniquet 3027 | Survival Supplies Australia

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Product Description

Tactical black tourniquet for tactical operators or those working in high risk environments fro penetrating trauma. Simple application, effective in seconds, no training necessary. Effective for self application, even in wet/bloody conditions.
Successes in paediatrics, adults and canine after other tourniquets failed.
Designed by a former Operator/Medic, the SWAT-T is a multi-use medical device that was designed to treat a variety of life threatening injuries. The tourniquet is produced specifically for military, civilian Special Weapons, and Tactical Teams. The SWAT-T is being carried by EMS, law enforcement officers, as well as abroad by contractors, federal, conventional, and special operations medical, and non-medical personnel.


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