Tactical 1200 Flashlight Kit 4476

Tactical 1200 Flashlight Kit 4476 | Survival Supplies Australia

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Product Description

The Tactical 1200 Flashlight Kit is made from Aircraft Grade Anodized Aluminium Construction. It is 25 times brighter than a normal flashlight and has 5 modes: Flash, Strobe, SOS, High and Medium.
With O-ring seals provides an IP65 waterproofing standard protect this light against water. Made for everyday and household use, it is great in a survival situation. The durable materials it is made from protects against drops, impacts, scratches and corrosion.
The Strobe and brightness of this flashlight make it an excellent companion for walking home at night. The recessed tail switch can be operated with one hand, making this an ideal flashlight if your other hand is holding something else. The multiple output modes give you the bright outputs needed for outdoor landscapes as well as lower settings that will save you from blinding yourself in closer quarters.
By combining the rugged durability and cutting edge design the Tactical -1200 it is truly top notch, well rounded flashlight. At 5 inches long, its the perfect size for a Backpack, Glove Compartment, Pocket or Bag.

Product Features

* 1200 Lumen Certified LED
* 2000 x Zoom
* Aircraft Aluminium Housing
* Lightweight and Durable Body
* 5 Lighting Modes (Flash, Strobe, SOS, High, and
* IP 65 Rated Waterproof
* 18650 Rechargeable Battery
* Battery Charger
* Waterproof Case
* AAA Adapter


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