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Product Description
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When tactical medics pack their gear, they want minimal items with maximum application. They want the Tactical Compression Wrap. It is the most versatile pressure bandage system ever developed. A lightweight compact wrap with contact bar and hook/loop attachment, this elastic bandage is easy to apply under the most stressful conditions.

An unsurpassed compression bandage, the wrap can be used for extremity, head, shoulder and abdominal wounds, or for buddy splinting, and that is just the beginning of its circumferential applications. The Wrap was developed by a Special Forces Medic and has been tested with great success in both Afghanistan and Iraq.
When space is at a premium, when conditions are harsh, when versatility is essential, the Tactical Compression Wrap is the wound-care product preferred by pre-hospital and tactical healthcare professionals. It is an any time, any where, any application wound-care solution for medics who want the best there is so they can perform the best job possible.

Product Special Features

* Most versatile pressure bandage system available
* Lightweight and compact
* Easy to apply
* For extremity. head, shoulder and abdominal wounds, buddy splinting and more.
* Tested with great success in Afghanistan and Iraq

Product Specifications

Packaged: L5.4 inches x W2.7 inches x D 2 inches
Bandage: W5 inches x L 38 inches
Weight: 6 oz.


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