Ultimate Compact First Aid Trauma Kit 2581

Ultimate Compact First Aid Trauma Kit 2581 | Survival Supplies Australia

Ultimate Compact First Aid Trauma Kit 2581 | Survival Supplies Australia

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The Ultimate Compact First Aid Trauma Kit is our solution for a personal carry trauma and first aid kit, also known as an IFAK, or individual first aid kit, with some great trauma supplies added.

This small first aid kit can deal with traumatic injuries and more, including cuts and lacerations, severe bleeding, burns, sprains and strains, blisters, and offers options for wound closure, such as steri strips and super glue.

The Ultimate Compact First Aid Trauma Kit, is also a trauma IFAK (individual first aid kit), comes with a SWAT tourniquet, stainless steel scissors, an Israeli Emergency bandage, BleedSolv Hemostatic Dressing, a large Ace bandage, large roller gauze, Dr. Scholl's Moleskin and more.

SWAT tourniquets are vital to this kit because they can be used on infants, children, older folks and anyone with very thin arms or legs.

Military style tourniquets are meant for strong muscled adults and will not function on the above mentioned people or even small pets.

The SWAT tourniquet was designed by a military emergency room physician. It has the instructions printed on the actual tourniquet for simple and easy to follow directions. Scientific and military research studies have proven this tourniquet will stop severe arterial bleeding in extremities.

Packed in a marine style EMT pouch with tough military-grade construction, universal and molle attachment system, quick release buckle and a divided main compartment. This packed kit contains over 60 items.

Professionally designed by Dr. Joe Alton, a Medical Doctor with over 35 years experience and Amy Alton, an Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner, with over 30 years experience in the medical field. We have extensively researched and developed this kit to help keep you and your family safe and healthy.

I have personally packed almost every item in water-proof individual bags to protect your contents from leakage, rain or accidental drop into water.

Lighting needs are met with a 6 LED Flashlight and 1 Twelve Hour Glow stick.

This is the most comprehensive COMPACT FIRST AID and TRAUMA kit on the market for its size, weight and price! We encourage you to compare our kit to any other like it, we know you will be 100% satisfied with our design, extensive contents and pricing.

No other company on the market will provide this level of attention to each and every detail like Doom and Bloom Medical does. We care about our customers like you are family.

Important Notice: We do not use knock-off products. All of our name-brand products in this kit are trademarked, original, new, and purchased directly from the manufacturer or first line authorized distributors. The Israeli bandage package is tightly vacuum packed, unlike fake products. Please beware of cheap kits which use fake C.A.T tourniquets, or have loose or non-vacuumed packaging of their Israeli bandages, these are not real trademark products.

Kit contents

* 1- Marine style VooDoo Military spec EMT pouch -
colour varies

* 1- 6in Israeli Bandage

* 1- BleedSolv Hemostatic Dressing

* 1- Tourniquet- SWAT-T in orange color (universal tourniquet for all ages and sizes)

* 1- Cayenne Pepper Powder, organic 35,000HU

* 1- Nature Nate's Raw Honey Packet (.33oz) (New 11/14/16)

* 1- Roller Gauze Sterile 4in or 6in

* 1- ACE bandage 4in

* 1- Stainless Steel Mayo/Straight Scissors

* 4- Nitrile Gloves

* 1- 3M Steri Strips 2 sheets/pack

* 1- Super Glue

* 1- Padded Moleskin 4 1/2in x 3 1/2in

* 4- Non-Adherent Gauze Pads 3in x 4in

* 2- Burn Jel Packets

* 2- Bacitracin w/Zinc or triple antibiotic packets

* 10- Sterile Gauze 4in x4in (5 sterile packs of 2 gauze or 10 single packs)

* 2- ABD 5in x 8in Dressing Pads

* 2- ExLarge Bandaids

* 5- 1in x 3in size Bandaids

* 1- Triangular Bandage

* 1- Medical Tape 1in x 10 yds.

* 10- Iodine Wipes

* 10- Alcohol Wipes

* 1 -Flashlight 6 LED with batteries

* 1- Glow Stick, Green, 12 Hour

* 10- Ibuprofen tablets
Items may be substituted with items of equal or greater value.


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