Ultimate Survival Jet Scream Whistle 3231

Ultimate Survival Jet Scream Whistle 3231 | Survival Supplies Australia

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The Ultimate Survival Jet Scream Whistle,is one of the loudest, most piercing whistles that money can buy. It produces a 122 Db ear-piercing shriek. The Jet Scream is a superb, low-profile signaling tool that is just as useful in the city as it is in the woods.

You don't need a bulky whistle to make a loud blast and this little device proves it! Survival, Inc.'s acoustic experts have designed a unique whistle that focuses man-made air streams through harmonically tuned chambers to create a piercing shriek that out-screams any other noise. So whether you're hailing a cab over city traffic or signaling for rescue in deep woods, out Jet Scream Whistle will do the trick.

Due to its pea-less design, Jet Scream even works when wet, making it the perfect accompaniment to all outdoor activities near rivers, lakes, or oceans. So whether you swim, kayak, canoe, surf or fishing - Jet Scream is an essential tool to help ensure that all of your recreational experiences are positive ones.

Jet Scream is sleek and streamlined and will fit unobtrusively in your pocket. In addition, it includes a 6-inch lanyard attachment for your convenience. Hook it to key chain, your purse, your backpack, your wrist, or anywhere else that is easily accessible. Just make sure you have one with you.


  • Colours: Orange

  • U.S. and foreign patents pending

  • Material: High strength plastic

  • Length:2.3 inches (5.8 cm)

  • Weight:0.3 oz (8.5 g)


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