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The Urban Emergency Survival Plan: Readiness Strategies
for the City and Suburbs is a worthwhile book to have if you are responsible for any group of people's safety and you dwell in the city, or suburbs.
Stay safe in the City. Here is a book that won't advise you to flee the city and set up a homestead to avoid potential disasters. With many other survival- planning resources emphasizing that approach, urban dwellers that plan to stay put in the city, no matter the circumstances, have been overlooked.
Urban Emergency Survival Plan delivers a common-sense approach to urban survival planning rather than advocating that city survivalists need to figure out a way to grow an acre of food, raise goats, and build an underground bunker. The clearly outlined approach here will help you to reduce the risks inherent in disasters that occur in well populated areas.
Inside you will find : Packing lists for get-home bags, everyday carry items for adults and kids and bug-out bags. An overview of threats that face an urban area and instructions for planning safe travel during and after disasters, as well as how to plan a temporary escape. Instructions for sheltering in place at work, chapters on food storage and water procurement, plus much more.


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