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Product Description

The UV Glo Sticks are designed to be markers/beacons/locators in the dark. Attach them to items you need to easily access in the dark.
They are not designed to illuminate space. If you need them to illuminate space just super charge them with a flashlight. The light dims out over 12 hours so they work best when your eyes are fully adjusted to the dark.

What makes these different than traditional Glow Sticks?
Traditional Glow Sticks you break and shake to activate a chemical reaction. This reaction provides an instant bright light that glows for several hours at the same intensity. The chemical reaction can only happen one time and then you throw the traditional Glo Stick away as they become useless after only one use. The UV Glo Stick used enhanced glow in the dark crystal that absorbs light to charge. They glow in the dark over 12 hours at a diminishing rate, and can be reused over and over again forever. Traditional chemical glow sticks may be brighter but they are a one time use product, they have a limited shelf life, and are unreliable.
The UV Glo Stick make great markers, and make items easy to find in the dark. They are well worth the investment.


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