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Size Reference Guide:
XSmall- Solo Tent/Marker - Click here
Small- 2-3 Person Tent - Click here
Medium- 4-6 Person Tent/Small Bathroom - Click here
Large- 8 - 10 Person Tent/ Small Bedroom - this page

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Large UV Paqlite suitable for 8 - 10 Person Tent or a Small Bedroom.

What are Paqlites?
UVPaqlite (U-V- Pack- Light) is the amazing light designed to provide a night light illumination in an enclosed environment all night long. UVPaqlites contain enhanced glow in the dark crystals uniquely packaged in a vacuum sealed bag making the product light weight, waterproof and portable. The UVPaqlite absorbs light from any source to charge, glows in the dark all night long, and can be reused over & over again forever

How Bright Are They?
When your eyes are fully adjusted to the darkness UVPaqlites will provide a low level night light illumination in a tent, camper, bedroom, etc.

How Long Do They Glow?
They will provide a night light illumination for over 10 hours. The light dims over night so be sure your eyes are adjusted to the dark. A little light goes a long way when your eyes are adjusted to the dark

5 Reasons for UV Paqlite

1. Simple: We kept it simple. Simple design, simple concept. There are no fuels, cells, panels, electrical wiring, or chemicals to activate. UV Paqlites only need light from any source to recharge. They are made from earth crystals called strontium aluminate.

2. Reusable: Why buy light sources that can only be used one time? Reusable is better for you and the environment. UVPaqlites will continue to absorb and store light forever. Use UVPaqlites every night, they are a source of forever free light that you never throw away.

3. No Parts to Break: UVPaqlites do not use any mechanical parts, bulbs, or chemical activators. There are no parts to break, wear out, or go bad over time.

4. No Batteries Required: Batteries die and need to be replaced. So that means buy more batteries or use rechargeable batteries which require you to buy something else to recharge them. UVPaqlites do not use batteries just expose UVPaqlites to any light to recharge. 1 minute of sunlight = 10 hours of glow.

5. Inexpensive: Use a disposable chemical glow stick every night for a year = $365, use a Large UVPaqlite forever =$29.00. UVPaqlites pay for themselves over a short period of time.


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