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A must have for the international traveller, the Emergency Medical Visual Communication Tool will allow you to easily communicate to non-English speaking people regarding any serious medical condition that you may be experiencing and allow foreign people to get you the immediate help you need.

To use all you have to do is to find the picture on the card that corresponds to your need or situation and point to it. This tool visually depicts the most common medical emergencies sustained during travel, and also in the most common languages spoken abroad. Direct translations in English, Spanish, French, Mandarin, and Arabic.

This card covers conditions such as diabetes, allergies, altitude sickness, insect or animal bites, bodily fluid conditions, pain and emotional scales, and requests for medical doctors, dentists, and pharmacists.

Don't travel overseas without this valuable tool. It folds to a flat 10 x 15 cm and is double sided with colour illustrations.


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