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When Technology Fails is a book you really need to have your own copy of as it is indispensable for the real life issues that await us in the years to come.
Those who read it and pay attention to its treasure trove of practical wisdom, will enjoy a huge advantage
of preparedness over people who are ignorant of the reality of the things comes down the pipeline of life at a great speed.

This book is big in size 28cm x 22cm x 3 cm and weighs nearly 1.5 kg. it contains 493 pages of drawings, picture, charts and tables and contains information that you just won't find in any other book.

Most disaster/emergency books cover preparation, and how to survive a serious event in the short term. This book goes a few steps further and tells you how to survive the long emergency.
It contains chapters that cover:
* An Introduction to Self-Reliance
* Present Trends, Possible Futures
* Supplies and Preparations
* Emergency Measures for Survival
* Water
* Food: Growing, Foraging, Hunting, and Storing
* Shelter and Buildings
* First Aid
* When High-Tech Medicine Fails
* Clothing and Textiles
* Energy, Heat, and Power
* Metal working
* Utensils and Storage
* Better Living Through Not-So-Modern Chemistry
* Engineering, Machines, and Materials
* Making the Shift to Sustainability

The book also covers issues such as Peak Oil, Climate Change and a wide variety of much talked about issues we all face. This is an incredible book!


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