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This great reference book can save you a lot of pain in circumstances when you desperately need professional dental help and you are in a location where there is no Dentist. This book is written for village and neighbourhood health workers who want to learn more about dental care as part of a complete community-based approach to health.
For School Teachers, Mothers and Fathers and anyone concerned with encouraging dental health in their children and their community and it is also written for Dentists and Dental Technicians who are looking for ways to share their skills, to help people become more self-reliant at lower cost.

Just as with the rest of health care, there is a strong need to de-professionalize dentistry - to provide ordinary people and community workers with more skills to prevent and cure problems in the mouth.
This is a great survival book to have and understand if you are in a survival situation or in a remote area and you have dental problems.
It's a lot cheaper than a Dentist visit and it is specifically written for, where there is no Dentist.

Great knowledge to have, just in case...


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