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This comprehensive and easy to follow health guide for women is essential reading. This book combines self help medical information that has been tried and tested for many years. Clearly written with over 1,000 drawings. Where Women Have no Doctor is an must have resource for any woman who wants to improve her health, especially when there is no professional medical help available. It is invaluable for health workers who want more information about the problems that affect only women, or affect women differently from men. It helps women to identify the obstacles to good health in their communities and shares ideas on how to overcome them. With over 580 pages of knowledge that can one day save your life it is a brilliant resource to keep handy.

Some of the topics include:
* How to solve health problems
* Ways to stay healthy
* Understanding the reproductive parts of women's
* Sexual health
* HIV/AIDS and other sexual transmitted diseases
* Pregnancy, birth and breast feeding
* Mental health
* Health concerns of women with disabilities, girls,
older women and refugees
* The politics of women's health
* Rape and other violence against women
* The use of medicines in women's health


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