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Gear used by military and police law enforcement officials are handy EDC tools also used by the wider public, hunters, survivalists, adventurers and the avid outdoors person. Applications such as the MOLLE “Modular Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment” system, allows adding attachments to military backpacks for easy application. Tactical knife sheaths that feature the MOLLE System supports the attachment of tactical weapons to tactical backpacks and rucksacks. We sell tactical knives, knife kits, machetes, axes, backpack & tactical bags, flashlights, navigational tools, survival blankets, cooking kits and all-weather products from best renowned brands such as Snugpak, ESEE, Titan Survival, UST, Lansky, Gerber Gear, Pathfinder and many more reliable brands.

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Acebeam X50 Torch

TOPS Lite Trekker Survival Knife TLT01-SB - Black

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TOPS M1 Midget M1MGT-01