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Dawson Knives

Unique Handmade Hunting & Survival Knives by Dawson Knives

Established in 1973, Dawson Knives are an American knife manufacturing company handcrafting rare and unique hunting and survival knives using a special knife blade heat-treat technique called Modern Hamon. This technique gives each Dawson knife a unique and special two-toned blade finish highlighting the dual hardness of a blade so no two knives are alike. Whether you are out backpacking, hunting or bush crafting, Dawson’s handmade Hybrid Sheaths made of heavy duty Leather and custom-moulded Kydex allows you to carry your fixed blade knife in any position you feel is right for you. Acquaint yourself with a one-of-a-kind handmade Dawson Survival and Hunting Knife.

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Dawson Raider 4 Hamon Knife

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Dawson Pathfinder Arizona Copper Knife - Black/Red G10

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