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Military MRE Ration Packs - Tasty, Nutritious & Convenient Food.

MREs (Meal, Ready to Eat) have long been used by the international and Australian military as individualised food field ration packs. MRE were scientifically made to be full of nutrients and calories in a tasty, self-contained package, and MRE packaging were designed for the harsh environment the military operates in. MREs do not require refrigeration.

MRE can be eaten straight out of the packet, no preparation required.

These military ration packs were designed to be able to be consumed cold, straight out of the packet, without any preparation. The introduction of flameless ration heaters (flameless heater bags) were introduced so that MRE meals can be heated if preferred. Alternatively, these meals can be warmed up by immersing the packet in hot water.

Used for Emergencies and Embraced by Campers, Hikers and Adventurers

MREs have been a reliable survival food supply in the event of emergencies or natural disasters, and they are now popular and used as everyday, convenient Australian food options for camping, hiking, 4wding, boating and adventures.

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