Ready Wise Food (Formerly Wise Food) Emergency Long Life Food

Insurance for 25 Years: Essential Emergency Foods with a Long Shelf Life

ReadyWise (formerly Wise Food Company) specialise in manufacturing high quality nutritious emergency long life essential food storage and supply. Emergencies can happen any time, but with ReadyWise Emergency Long Life Essential Food, which have a 25 year shelf life, you are prepared for anything, anytime.

Multiple Sizes, Flavours and Gluten Free Options of Essential Survival Food

Ready Wise Food offers multiple sizes, flavours and gluten free options to suit your needs, budget and requirements.

ReadyWise Freeze Dried Food – Not Just Survival Food - Lightweight Camping, Hiking Meals

With ReadyWise Food in already convenient, freeze dried individual portioned packets, Ready Wise food is not only used in emergency or survival situations, and frequently taken on outdoor adventures like camping and hiking due to their convenient, lightweight nature. These freeze dried meals are convenient, shelf stable and easy to prepare, ideal for adventures.

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