Freeze Dried Food & Meals

Freeze dried food & meals: Tasty, nutritious, light weight & shelf stable

Freeze Dried Food retains all the taste, smell, texture and nutritional value of the food in their original form. With 98% of the water removed, freeze dried food is light, shelf stable (no refrigeration is required) and will last for years – some up to 25 years. 

Survival Supplies Australia stocks a range of freeze dried food – including: tasty cooked meals bursting with flavours (creamy cabonara, honey soy chicken, cottage pie, nasi goreng, and more!). 

No Refrigeration Required: Store in Pantry

Not just tasty meals, freeze dried food is also available as meat including beef, chicken and lamb (pre-diced, pre-cooked, ready to add to a meal), freeze dried vegetables like cauliflower, broccoli, green beans, peas, freeze dried cheese, rice, mashed potato, freeze dried fruit and other condiments, all ready for you to cook into a delicious meal.

Perfect for Camping, Survival or Emergency, Natural Disasters, Mine Sites

With a long shelf life, and range of meals, complements and desserts, freeze dried food has been used as emergency food. Being extremely light and shelf stable, freeze dried food has b(more...)

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