Back Country Cuisine: Nourishing Meals & Food

Back Country Cuisine - Nutritious, Freeze Dried Lightweight & Shelf Stable food

Whether you are fishing, mountain biking, hiking, camping, 4wding, hunting, boating or on the adventure of your lifetime, Back Country Cuisines’ fast, nourishing freeze dried food is your hunger buddy. You can rely on Back Country Cuisine meals in emergencies too. The range of long lasting delicious freeze dried food will instantly rehydrate providing you with tasty, nutritious meals anywhere, anytime.

Back Country Food: Tasty breakfast, main meals, soups, condiments and smoothies - huge delicious range from the Back Country Cuisine range

Back Country Cuisine is the ideal, reliable hiking food which also include a variety of soups, breakfast, dessert and smoothie options. Using a unique freeze drying process, the full flavour of all the ingredients of the food is sealed and maintained in the packet.

Tasty Back Country meals are easily prepared - just add hot boiling water up to the indicated line, and wait around 10 - 15 minutes for your hot meal to be ready. Eat straight out of the packet and enjoy!

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