About Survival Supplies Australia

Australian owned and operated, Survival Supplies Australia (SSA) provides robust and reliable survival, emergency and outdoor gear to families and industry, at competitive prices. Established in 2013 out of a passion to provide Australians with the proper equipment for outback pursuits, emergency and survival kits, SSA is now one of Australia’s largest survival products and supplies store.

SSA only stocks proven, quality equipment and food that you can depend on in an emergency; and delivers Australia-wide. Whether you’re preparing for an adventure - trekking, caravanning, camping, hunting, 4WD, or simply searching for emergency or survival kits for personal, family or commercial use, SSA has all the equipment and supplies you need.

Al Wood

Alan is one of the driving forces behind Survival Supplies Australia, and the person you’re most likely to be talking to about survival kits. He is deeply passionate about emergency preparedness, and knows first-hand the importance of emergency and survival kits. With a military background, Alan further spent over 20 years building and operating a mining services business throughout East and West Africa. Living, traveling and working throughout inhospitable and remote areas was his daily MO. Being exposed to adverse situations and environments developed the passion, know-how, and the appreciation of outdoor challenges, and of the importance of emergency survival kits.

Alan and his family moved to Australia in 2002 and jumped at the opportunity to take over and expand Survival Supplies Australia in 2018. As a hands-on owner and operator, and together with a close-knit team of 6 like-minded individuals, Survival Supplies Australia continues to grow and provides advice and a growing range of products to equip people for their next adventure or emergency.