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Used by Search and Rescue Teams, Military and Law Enforcement Personnel, Diving Operations and adventurers, Acebeam flashlights are powerful, waterproof, shockproof and rechargeable. With the worlds’ brightest flashlight Acebeam X70, coming up at 60,000 lumens throwing an impressive 1,115 metre beam, Acebeam are the leaders in premium quality flashlights. At Survival Supplies Australia, we carry a wide range of tactical flashlights and torches by Acebeam from Tactical to EDC flashlights in all different sizes and outputs. Acebeams' warranty offers customers a repaired or replaced product if it were to fail during normal use within 5 years of purchase.

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Acebeam T27 6500K
Acebeam X10
Acebeam T28 Torch
Acebeam E10-Green Torch
Acebeam E10-White Torch
Acebeam X80-UV Torch
Acebeam K75-White Torch
Acebeam K65-GT Torch
Acebeam K30-GT Torch
Acebeam W10 GEN II 6500K Torch
Acebeam H40-CREE Headlamp
Acebeam EC65-CREE
Acebeam PT10-GT Samsung Torch
Acebeam W30 6500K Torch
Acebeam M50-AL Torch
Acebeam FR20 Filter Pack
AceBeam H30 RG Head Torch
Acebeam TK16-CU Torch LTD ED
Acebeam TK16-AL Torch
Acebeam X70 Torch
Acebeam X65 Mini Torch