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Solar power is the most reliable source of power. The advantages of solar power is that it costs nothing to obtain because it uses a system that absorbs power from our main natural source… the sun. Our solar products comprise of solar powered lights, UV glow sticks and UV glow accessories for you and your pets. Not only great for the outdoors but perfect for around the home too. Helping you light up areas in the home without the added cost of electricity.

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Ledlenser Powercase
Ledlenser MH8 Headlamp Black

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Acebeam X10
Solar Hand Crank Radio Torch
UV Glow Orb & Waterproof Capsule Kit

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UV Glow Pet Tag
UV Glow Pet Dog Collar Large
UV Holiday Party Lights
UV Glow Nuggets
Acebeam T28 Torch
Acebeam E10-Green Torch
Acebeam E10-White Torch
Acebeam X80-UV Torch
Acebeam K75-White Torch
Acebeam K65-GT Torch
Acebeam K30-GT Torch
Acebeam W10 GEN II 6500K Torch
Acebeam H40-CREE Headlamp