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Best Multi-function Tools

Looking for a small tool with many uses? Multi-tools like the Gerber Suspension Tool, TOPS Pocket Survival Saw, UST Survival Tool and Leatherman Super Tool 300 – Pathfinder Edition are compact and lightweight hand tools that are small enough to fit in your pocket but mighty enough to get a number of tasks done. From your contemporary EDC to a survival multi-tool it is always handy to have one in your emergency go-bag, survival kit, backpack or car. So before you go seeking adventure - be it fishing, camping, bushcraft or hiking, or simply for tasks around the home - be sure you pocket a super handy multi-tool. Survival multi-tools that include ferrocerium fire starters, tinder rods, fail-safe whistles, compasses, blade sharpeners and contemporary EDC range that includes knives, hexes, pliers, wire strippers, and more.

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