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SOL are manufacturers of high quality, reliable and effective outdoor and adventure emergency gear and tools. Their range of emergency ponchos, emergency escape bivvies, survival blankets, emergency shelters, emergency whistles, fire making tools, signal mirrors, first aid kits and survival kits cover all areas of survival. Be prepared with quality engineered gear made of top quality materials, while offering compact, lightweight solutions.

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SOL Escape Pro Bivvy
SOL Heat Reflective Poncho
AMK Nano Heat Travel Blanket
SOL Scout Survival Kit
SOL Escape Lite Bivvy
SOL Sharx Whistle
SOL Origin Survival Tool
AMK Rescue Howler 2 Pk
AMK 1 person Heat Sheet
SOL Sport Utility Blanket
SOL Emergency Shelter Kit
AMK Ultralight & Watertight .9
SOL Traverse Survival Kit
SOL Escape Bivvy OD Green
AMK SOL Emergency Bivvy
SOL Pocket Survival Pak
SOL Phoenix
AMK Moleskin Blister Dressing

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