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Buy Kizlyar Knives from survival supplies Australia. Kizlyar Knives we stock include the Supreme Sensei D2V Knife and the Kizlyar Supreme Croc D2 Knife. Kizlyar Knives are quality combat knives made for the ultimate survivalist. Robust and often characterised as military and hunting knives, some of Kizlyar Knives are versatile in their functionality combining as knife and machete due to the longer blade styles which are useful for chopping and clearing campsites.

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Kizlyar Supreme Aggressor Satin

Kizlyar Phoenix-1 Knife Z160 Steel Micarta

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Kizlyar SH8 Civilian Knife

Kizlyar Katran Knife

Kizlyar Grilyass Chopper Knife

Kizlyar Vityaz Knife

Kizlyar Irtish Knife