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Jeff Randall and Mike Perrin started Randall’s Adventure & Training to impart their knowledge on realistic tools and skills on survival gear and training and clientele include military and law enforcement teams to film crews and professional adventurers. ESEE team members are always out in the field, instructing rescue courses, teaching survival and involving themselves in real life survival situations using their own ESEE gear continually designing, prototyping, and testing ESEE gear and techniques. ESEE knives are backed by the best lifetime guarantee and are made with practicality, quality and design in mind. We carry a wide range of ESEE products which include books, fire starters, tents, knives, signal and navigational tools and survival kits.

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ESEE Pinch Survival Kit

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Esee Map Case OD
Esee Darien Machete
ESEE RAT Dengue Tent
ESEE Standard Fire Kit
ESEE Wallet EE Kit
ESEE Mini Survival Kit
ESEE CL1 Expat Cleaver
ESEE 3HM Plain Edge Knife