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NexTool Frigate Multi-Function Shovel

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Nextool multi-function folding shovel advances the tradition of the classic survival shovel by making it more durable, more portable and more powerful. Its multi-use spade head can be adjusted to function as different tools like shovel, hoe and hook by loosening the handle thread. The spade head and handle are respectively made of anti-corrosion 20Cr13 martensitic stainless steel and high-strength 6061-T6 aviation aluminum, to ensure years of heavy use in austere conditions. This durable model with detachable frames is packable and portable, so that you can have a shovel or multi-function tool whenever and wherever you need. You can carry it with you easily by using the included nylon bag or keep it in your pack for digging, hoeing, sawing and other essential survival tasks. Use this tool for rescue, adventure, camping, hiking, self-defense or emergencies.
Shield-like Shovel
158mm wide and 200mm long, the shield-like shovel can shovel more soil each time. Besides, it is easier and simpler used with the design of V shape head and triangular surface.

Strong Hoe
The shovel can be transformed as a hoe after twisting the handle. The hoe can be used ergonomically and saving effort. It has an angle of 85° between it and the 76cm long handle.

30° Hook

The shovel can be used as a hook when adjusting the angle to 30°. The hook style helps hooking to tree branches.


The sharp saw teeth makes it easy to saw off branches.

Fire Stick
Use as a firestarter. Start a fire for cooking and keeping, warm or even scare wild animals when outdoor for survival, camping or self-driving tour.

Phillips screwdriver and flathead screwdriver can be fixed on the sleeve of handle, for outdoor repairing.

The hammer is made of tungsten steel and high hardness, which can break the car window and escape easily. Also can be used for self-defense or emergencies.

More functions
  • Bottle Opener
  • Hook Knife
  • Wrench
  • Survival Whistle
  • Compass
  • Strong and Durable Steel: 2.5mm thickness and HRC45 hardness, the shovel is made of 2Cr13 steel which is anti-corrosive and wear-resistant.
  • Aviation Grade Aluminum: The handle is strong and tough enough to support the weight of a 1633kg car due to its 6061-T6 aluminum material. The anodic oxidation finishing delivers a comfortable grip and beautiful texture.
  • TNE 100cm Long Multifunctional: The 100cm long multifunctional shovel is heavy enough for outdoor survival and adventure.
  • Foldable and Portable: High quality Nylon bag for storage, convenient to carry on any trip.
  • Black aluminum handle
  • 997mm fully assembled
  • 4 threaded handle pieces also feature integrated tools: Compass, survival whistle, glass breaker, fire stick, screwdriver (Phillips and flat head)
  • 200mm 20Cr13 stainless shovel with bottle opener, wrench, saw, and hook knife
  • Shovel head has three adjustable angles: 180 degree Shovel; 85 degree Hoe; and 30 degree Hook
  • Comes with black nylon carry pouch
  • Boxed

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