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Doom & Bloom First Aid Education USB Set

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The USB stick includes 6 files: 
  • Complete Wound Care Suture/Staple Class (3 files including suturing and stapling demonstration videos) 
  • Survival Medicine
  • Complete Guide to Medical Supplies
  • Pandemic Preparedness. 

All USB sticks play on both computers and TVs with USB ports. Each of these presentations are over 1 1/2 hours in length, and full of useful education for your family's health and safety!
Complete Wound Care: 
Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy bring their well-known Complete Wound Care with Suturing/Stapling Class to USB
  • How to Suture Skin
  • How to Staple Skin, so that you can see exactly how it's performed by a surgeon.
  • Included is a narrated 50 slide power point presentation reviewing topics like complete wound care, diagnosing infections, suture material primer, when to close wounds and more importantly, when to leave them open. 
  • Also included is how to apply a wet-to-dry dressing, which antiseptics are best used for wound cleaning, how to perform a sterile drape, how to inject Lidocaine or other anesthetics (including how to withdraw the medication and proper sterile technique), cleaning the wound before closure and a review of ALL methods of non-invasive wound closure (including steri strips, butterfly closures and dermabond or super glue). This is an educational video for situations in which modern medical help is NOT available.
Survival Medicine:
Doom & Bloom Survival Medicine USB is a 1-1/2 hour power point and audio presentation of the likely medical issues you will face during a collapse or natural disaster that prevents medical help from reaching your injured loved one. It covers topics from pandemics to traumatic injuries including fractures, gunshot wounds and severe bleeding. Review of fish antibiotics as possible preparedness storage item.

Complete Guide to Medical Supplies
This comprehensive USB covers HUNDREDS of Medical Supplies! Not only will you see the items, but you will learn what to have, when to use them and how to use them safely. From basic medical supplies, to dental, complete wound care items including hemostatic agents and tourniquets, eye care, respiratory care, sprain and fracture care, skin care, lighting, instruments, gastointestinal care, making safe water, vital sign supplies, medications and much more. Remember, this is not simply a list of needed items to have in your medical supply, it is an education in the use of these items from two Medical Professionals with over 65 years combined education and experience, and the authors of "The Survival Medicine Handbook", a #1 Amazon Bestseller in Safety and First Aid.

Pandemic Preparedness
In Pandemic Preparedness, we teach you all about:
  • Epidemic, Pandemic, And Endemic Diseases 
  • Basics Of Immunity
  • Bacteria, Viruses, Parasitic Protozoa As Causes Of Disease 
  • The History Of Pandemics Through Time
  • Modern Day Candidates For Pandemic Disease
  • How Pandemics Spread
  • Pandemic Prevention
  • How To Put Together An Effective Survival Sick Room
  • Pandemic Supplies
  • Personal Protection Gear And How To Safely Put Them On And Take Them Off
  • Antibiotics And Antivirals
  • Influenza, Plague, Smallpox, Ebola, Leprosy, Tuberculosis, Malaria, Cholera, And More
  • Biological Warfare
Includes 1 USB Drive

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