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Personal Protection Wool Fire Blanket Red

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$289.00 (incl. gst)

Pure Wool Personal Protection Fire-Resistant Blanket in Red

These premium personal protection blankets are more than just your ordinary woollen blanket, with the addition of Aramid they offer better protection than any other blanket on offer in Australia, and are MADE IN AUSTRALIA, from Australian Wool.

The R2 Personal Protection Blanket features a composition of Aramid and Wool. Aramid is known for its strength and heat-resistance making it the perfect fire protection blanket and an essential item for anyone living in a fire prone area. Keep a fire blanket in your home and car for peace of mind, knowing you can protect yourself and your family.
  • 500gsm
  • 2.17kg
  • Material: Wool/Aramid
  • Dimensions: 180cm x 200cm
  • Fully conforms to the requirements of AS4824 for Wildland Firefighting. (Meets NSW Rural Fire Service Specifications.)
Other Information
Wool is naturally flame resistant 
Because of the way the wool fibre is structured, wool requires more oxygen than is available in the air to become flammable. Wool is accordingly an excellent fibre when it comes to fire safety. Furthermore, it does not melt, drip or stick to the skin when it burns. Of the commonly used textile fibres (cotton, rayon, polyester, acrylic and nylon), wool is widely recognised as the most flame resistant. 

Wool’s fire resistant attributes include:
  • A very high ignition temperature of 570-600° C
  • A high Limiting Oxygen Index (LOI) (the measure of the oxygen level needed to sustain combustion)
  • A low heat of combustion (the measure of the amount of heat energy released in the burning process)
  • Does not melt or stick
  • Self-extinguishing
Wool’s inherent fire resistance comes from its naturally high nitrogen and water content. Because of these, wool requires higher levels of oxygen in the surrounding environment in order to burn. 

Wool may be ignited if subjected to a significantly powerful heat source, but does not normally support flame, and will instead smoulder – usually only for a short time. 

In addition, wool’s cross-linked cell membrane structure will swell when heated to the point of combustion, forming an insulating layer that prevents the spread of flame. This also means that wool produces less smoke and toxic gas than synthetic fibres.

What is it? Aramid fibres are a class of heat-resistant and strong synthetic fibres (high density nylon). This fibre, which handles similarly to normal textile fibres, is characterized by its excellent resistance to heat, as it neither melts not ignites in normal levels of oxygen. It is used extensively in the production of protective apparel, air filtration, thermal and electrical insulation as well as a substitute for asbestos.

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