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Personal Alarm RedThe Sabre Personal Alarm is a great little device to deter attackers and alert others of distress or danger. This keychain alarm has a 110 dB Siren that would scare anyone off.

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The Truckers FriendMade tough in the USA this amazing multi-purpose tool is a hammer, nail puller, tire chain hook, wire twist, ice and debris remover, axe, pry bar. It has a cast steel blade and shank, heat treated.

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Bob Cooper HELP Survival BlanketThis light weight blanket is designed to HELP people get rescued by signalling that emergency assistance is required - now. It provides warmth, shelter, and a distress signal all in one item.

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SOL Urban SurvivorThe URBAN SURVIVOR is designed for 1 person to survive the unexpected for at least 72 hrs. The easy to grab and go backpack contains a range of survival items. Was $179.95 Now! $129.95

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Cold Steel Tire BossMade from Blue 19.5 inch unbreakable injection molded this high performance polypropylene bat is made for your automotive needs. It is compact and great for travelling.

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School Security Emergency PreparednessA vital all-in-one resource for keeping students safe. This book gives educators practical, cost-effective school safety strategies that come from credible sources and can be implemented quickly.

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