The Most Basic Human Need, Food

Disaster survival new article The Most Basic Human Need, Food

The lack of food in a crisis can turn even the most civilised human being into a fear driven crazed animal. After only a few days without food, human behaviour and thinking can turn very ugly.

In the 1950's, the U.S. Pentagon conducted an extensive study to find out the effecs on human behaviour during different stages of starvation.

The results shocked even them, for after only 10 days without food, 90% of otherwise law-abiding citizens would steal, assault people and even kill, for food. Even more shocking after 15 days without food, most people became cannibalistic and were willing to even eat their neighbours or dead family members.

It has been said that after just one week without food, hunger would gnaw away at a person's stomach, causing them to contemplate unthinkable things. After a second week without food desperation sets in, along with depraved thoughts, previous good moral conduct and respect for law and order (which has been installed in most people), no longer exists.

History bears record of how human beings act when food is not available or is in short supply. During the siege of Leningrad between 1941 - 1944 some 632,000 people died. The privileged few that had just a crust of bread to live off were considered well off, compared to the masses that had tried to survive by eating rats and wallpaper. History also records emergency situations were in order to live people actually ate dead colleagues, and in some cases people had dug up freshly buried corpses to eat, in order to survive.

During a crisis (whether natural or man-made), supermarket shelves can be completely emptied in just a few hours. If you don't have your own emergency supplies safely stored away, you could be in big trouble.

The pattern seems to follow along these lines:

Day 1 - There is desperation at grocery stores and food outlets, as panic sets in and people start fighting over that last few items of food on the shelves.

Day 2 - People still have food in their homes but they start to cut down their consumption, trying to make it last as long as they can. The mood of people becomes 'edgy' as the length of the crisis is uncertain.

Day 5 - People now begin to run out of food. Neighbours start to knock on your door pleading for any food that you can share with them.

Day 10 - Small bands of armed people with knives, clubs and guns roam your neighbourhood, stealing food by force. You can hear screams and gunshots. People are terrified to leave their homes.

Day 15 - People are dying and hope is abandoned. People you once trusted and thought you knew are no longer acting rationally. The authorities cannot help, as the situation everywhere is overwhelming. The government and aid agencies cannot assist, as there is no food left anywhere.

This is not some concocted far-out scenario; it is the likely unfolding of events, (based on research from the Pentagon) in a severe food crises. Mainstream news gives little or no attention to the world food crisis; as they do not want to scare the public. many scientists are now convinced that a horrific world famine is absolutely inevitable. The reasons are many: the world's population is exploding, there is over farming, overfishing and land degradation are all having diabolical consequences.

The Tragic Statistics are that:

  • Currently 1 billion people in the world go to bed hungry every night.

  • Somewhere in the world one person staves to death every 3.6 seconds, 3/4 of them is under the age of five.

  • Approximately a third of all the children in the world aged under five suffer from serious malnutrition.

Droughts, fires, floods, locusts, diseases and other natural catastrophes, are factors that contribute to a continual downward spiral in food production and availability. All this constitutes a recipe for disaster, massive food shortages and certain famine.

Long life enriched food and pure drinking water is an investment that can make the difference between life and death.

You can either prepare yourself to live, or be prepared ... to perish.

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