AMK Traverse Survival Kit 1171

AMK Traverse Survival Kit 1171 | Survival Supplies Australia

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Product Description

The AMK Traverse has it all! It caters for your water needs, water purification,shelter, fire, tinder, signalling, gear repair, and other provisions along with instructions, invaluable!

Product Contents

* Durable clip lock aluminium container
* Sterile 1 Litre Water Bag
* Water Purification Tablets (2) purifies 2 litres
* Heatsheets Emergency Blanket 56 x 84 inches
* Spark Lite Firestarter Waterproof and windproof
* Tinder Quik (4) Pieces waterproof and burns 2-3
minutes each
* Mini Rescue Howler Signal Whistle hear 1 mile away
* Duct Tape 26 x 2 inches multi-purpose adhesive
* Saftey Pin steel construction
* Survival Instructions - life saving tools and


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