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Product Description

Every child should have their own! If an emergency happens, every child should have their own emergency backpack and know how to use it. So much more useful than a toy, game or gadget. All packed in a lightweight blue backpack it contains all the elements to give your child a fighting chance to survive in an emergency situation, especially if they get separated from their parent(s) or guardian.

Product Contents

You Get:
1 x Blue Lightweight backpack with room to put clothing
and other necessary supplies.
3 x Mayday 400 calorie Food Bars
6 x Mayday Water Sachets 125g each
1 x UVO Green Necklace that glows in the dark to be
able to see your child at night. Recharges in the
daylight, no batteries, lasts indefinitely.
1 x Emergency Poncho
1 x Emergency Blanket
1 x Starflash Micro Signal Mirror can be seen great
1 x Micro JetScream Floating Whistle can be hears at
great distances
1 x Mayday Ready Light easy to use and operates by
squeezing handle, any child can use it


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