Emergency War Surgery 1781

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Emergency War Surgery is the survivalist's Medical Desk Reference to critical care and damage control surgery needed for any kind of desperate situation, made for the Department of the Army.
Learn about Triage and Aeromedical Evacuation, Weapon effects and Parachute injuries, Shock and Resuscitation, Fractures and Amputations, Radiological, Biological, and Chemical Injuries.
Emergency War Surgery is an indispensable handbook for the treatment of forward combat trauma. Drafted by experts in various sub-specialities, it was edited and updated by combat surgeons seasoned by tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Featuring nearly 200 illustrations demonstrating state-of-the-art practices of forward trauma surgery as used by military surgeons in far-flung locations around the globe and utilizing a bulleted manual format for quick reference, Emergency War Surgery gives surgeons the tools for skilful organization and speedy assessment, critical for appropriate medical management of both battle and non-battle injuries.


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