MREs with Heater Bags 3 Pack Deal

MREs with Heater Bags 3 Pack Deal | Survival Supplies Australia

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You get 3 MREs (Meals Ready to Eat) plus 3 Military Grade Flameless Heaters. The MREs are the same ones used by the Australian and New Zealand Military and are also used widely by Firefighters, Police and other Emergency workers and First Responders throughout Australia. This gives you 3 nourishing and filling meals without any cooking, carrying pots, pans, stoves, fuel, or the need to cook and clean up.
Great for survival situations or when in the bush.
We can give you the variety mix you want. Email us and let us know your choice. We have Spaghetti Bolognaise, Chicken Italano, Butter Chicken, Chilli Con Carne and Chicken and Vegetables. Shelf Life about 2 years.


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