Primitive Technology ll Ancestral Skills 2644

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This large 11 inch by 8 1/2 inch book contains 248 pages of knowledge and skills, together with hundreds of pictures and drawings to help clearly communicate and convey the way things were done many years ago. These forgotten treasures are brought alive by a number of dedicated and skilful people who have studied and applied these technics to help others appreciate their value.

Chapters include headings such as:
* Searching the Past
* Food Sources - Eating to Live
* Containers - Holding it all Together
* Projectiles - Bows and Arrows
* Buckskin - Enough Brain to Tan Your Hide
* Transportation - Moving Along
* Back to Basics - Tools through Time
* and more.

Together with book 1 Primitive Technology a book of Earth Skills, they make a wonderful addition to your survival library.


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