Sabre Runner Personal Alarm 2749

Sabre Runner Personal Alarm 2749 | Survival Supplies Australia

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Product Description

The Sabre Runner Personal Alarm is a loud personal safety device that has a pull ring to activate the ear piercing 130 dB alarm. Can be heard up to 1000FT (300metres.) Easy to use and comfortable to wear.
Keep safe with this loud sounding alarm which calls for attention during an emergency or threatening situation and helps to deter danger. It has a reflective logo. This wristband design is only 3.25 inches and constructed out of Polyamicde Lycra.
It is weather resistant and weighs only 0.25lbs. You won't know you are wearing it, but the whole neighbourhood will know if you are in danger and need help. Quality made in the USA and one of the best investments that you can make to have peace of mind when outdoors in today's dangerous environment, with dodgy characters lurking around to commit opportunistic assaults, robberies, and other crimes.
Don't be caught without one!


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