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Tracking and Reading Sign is a guide to mastering the original Forensic Science as it relates to everything you need to know to look for whether it is a person or an animal you are after.
Whether you are tracking a deer, fox, rabbit or other animal that may have crossed your path or visited your campsite in the dead of night, this book will help you to identify and follow it.
This informative and well written book offers an great introduction to the principles of tracking and reading signs that will help you to spot and analyse tracks, prints, gaits, scats, scents, and animal behaviour.
With full colour photographs illustrating every important nuance it makes this important outdoor skill as easy as possible and profiles more than twenty different essential animals, listing basic characteristics, tracks, habitat, diet, behaviours, and common relatives.
The definitive one-stop guide for anyone looking for a better understanding of animals in the outdoors.
This expert advice is well worth learning about.


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