TT Range Pack MK ll Coyote 2679

TT Range Pack MK ll Coyote 2679 | Survival Supplies Australia

TT Range Pack MK ll Coyote 2679 | Survival Supplies Australia

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Modular, large capacity backpack for individual combatants on mission for several weeks. The front pocket of the rucksack can be detached and used as a daypack, the side pockets can be used on any appropriately designed MOLLE panel.

X1 Carrying System; Packsack with snow guard; Divided main and bottom compartments; Fixation for hiking poles or ice axes; Height adjustable chest belt; Compression straps on sides; Compression around perimeter of base; Detachable lid, divided into 3; Side pockets; Additional detachable side pockets (each 5 l, 7773 TT Tac Pouch 8 SP); Front pocket unzips for use as a daypack (7 l); Weight of main backpack including front- and side pockets = 4,40 kg // Weight of main backpack without front- and side pockets = 3,50 kg; MOLLE system on the sides.

Technical Specifications

* Measurements: 84 x 35 x 27 cm
* Volume: 90 l + 10 l
* Weight: 3,50 kg / 4,40 kg
* Backsystem: X1-System (TT)
* Fabric: CORDURA® 700 den


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