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Ultimate Survival covers surviving extreme situations on land, in the sea and in the air. Covers just about everything from the wilderness to terrorism.
Filled with over 1000 photographs showing techniques, tactics and tricks of the trade on how to stay alive in every dangerous situation and 50 step-by-step training projects for extreme life skills to use in emergencies.
Covering self-sufficiency in the wild: survival skills and bushcraft techniques for finding shelter and water, making fire and finding food: protecting yourself from wildlife and the natural environment; making improvised tools and equipment; and preparing natural remedies for medical emergencies.
Protection and staying alive when everyday situations become life threatening: the terrorist threat; surviving as a hostage; street self-defence skills; dangers in the home; accident avoidance behind the wheel; the dos and don'ts of being a tourist; escape and rescue plans.
Expert advice on improving risk assessment, avoiding hazardous situations, and responding positively and calmly to confrontation.
This book covers it all and worth having in your survival library.


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